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Communication system, build upon
Pragmatic Organisation Dynamic Display

Next courses..
  • Amersfoort, Netherlands; 26. - 27. January 2018:

    PODD 2-daagse introductiecursus
    The course will be held in Dutch.

  • Glasgow, Scotland; 15. - 16. February 2018:

    PODD 2-days introduction workshop
    The course will presented by Natalie Fitzpatrick, certified PODD presenter.

  • Sweden:

    • Stockholm; 7. - 8. March 2018
    • Stockholm; 13. - 14. June 2018:
    More information about Introductional PODD courses in Sweden (held in Swedish) can be found here:
  • Amersfoort, Netherlands; 28. - 29. September 2018:

    PODD 2-daagse introductiecursus
    The course will be held in Dutch.

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  • In order to provide PODD courses, the trainer must be certified by Gayle Porter.
    Further information on the conditions and the certification process can be obtained from Gayle Porter.
Certified PODD trainers in Europe:
In Europe, the following are certified PODD trainers:
The Netherlands:
In North America, you will find a list of certified PDD trainers here:

Reading about and obtaining PODD:
Obtaining the PODD-resources (theory book and CD´s with templates):

English edition; 3 CD´s, including theory book as PDF.
Danish edition; Printed theory book, USB-stick with templates and online access to additional material. (A4 page size)

All PODD templates are designed as BoardMaker files which means, that you need BoardMaker to read, edit and print the templates.
Users must obtain Boardmaker v. 5 or higher + Addendum libraries.

BoardMaker can be purchased via a local distributor or from
BoardMaker is © 2014 Mayer-Johnson. All rights reserved.

More about PODD:
PODD developer:

Gayle Porter is a Speech Pathologist with more than 30 years hands-on experience working with people who have complex communication needs.
Gayle works at CPEC (Cerebral Palsy Education Centre) in Melbourne, Australia.

Gayle Porter has developed the Pragmatic Organisation Dynamic Display (PODD) communication books and page sets for speech generating devices.

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